# How to use this template

# Get started

You do not have to deploy on Netlify to use Netlify CMS, but it is the fastest way to get started. I have also included instructions for deploying to GitHub Pages.

# Deploy to Netlify

The best way to start is to hit this button:

Deploy to Netlify

This is the fastest way to get your website going. You will initially be hosted on a random URL, but you can add your own domain name later in your "Domain settings" on Netlify.

# Deploy to GitHub Pages

You will need Node installed on your computer.

  1. Create a new repo from this template and clone it to your computer.
  2. Run npm i to install VuePress.
  3. Add base: "/name-of-your-repo/" to your docs/.vuepress/config.js file.
  4. Run npm run deploy to deploy your to GitHub pages.

In GitHub, go to your repo settings to see a link to your deployed site. It will be something like https://username/github.io/name-of-your-repo/. You can configure a custom domain in GitHub later.

# Setup Netlify CMS

Edit the backend config in .vuepress/public/admin/config.yml to point at your repo and deploy the change.

  name: github
  repo: username/repo

# Login with GitHub OAuth

You can use Netlify Identity to authenticate CMS users, but to start off, it's simplest to give yourself access with GitHub OAuth.

  1. Go to your developer settings on GitHub and add a new OAuth app.
  2. Enter the name and full URL of your site and this authorization callback URL:
  1. Click Register application to get your Client ID and Client Secret. You will need these in a moment.
  2. In your site Settings, open 'Access control'. Under OAuth, click 'Install provider' and copy in the Client ID and Secret from GitHub.

You should now be able to visit the /admin page on your website and login with GitHub.

# Install and develop on your computer

You will need Node installed on your computer. Run these commands inside your repo to install vuepress and start a live-reloading development server:

npm i
npm run dev

# Build and deploy

npm run build

After build the folder to deploy is docs/.vuepress/dist

# Read the docs

Official VuePress guide

VuePress default theme config

Netlify CMS docs

# Contribute

This template is default VuePress - so please give your skills or money to the VuePress team.

# Author

Pete Davis